Tony Komoroci, Registered Hearing Instrument Practitioner

Tony, a Victoria native, has been with Beltone since 1998. He became interested in hearing while earning a degree in psychology at UVic, where he studied the science of learning and memory, and how they are affected by our senses. Hearing impairment can profoundly influence social bonds, interaction with the environment and overall quality of life. He loves the challenge of helping overcome each customer’s unique hearing impairment and meeting their individual communication needs.

In his spare time Tony enjoys gardening, swimming and photography.

Lindsay Shearer, Registered Hearing Instrument Practitioner

Lindsay worked at our front desk as a Hearing Care Coordinator for many years until she realized that she wanted to be even more involved in helping Beltone’s customers. Now that she is a Registered Hearing Instrument Practitioner Lindsay loves being able to help improve her customers’ quality of life. She enjoys meeting such a diverse group of people and dealing with new faces and new challenges every day.

Lindsay is very aware that hearing loss is invisible, and that people sometimes experience impatience or lack of courtesy because others cannot see their disability. She likes to quote Mark Twain: “Kindness is a language even the deaf can hear.”

Lindsay’s favourite pastimes are reading and running.

Hilary Cleverly, Bookkeeper

Hilary, a Victoria native, feels very fortunate to be working with Beltone since she loves being of service to others. She enjoys being able to create relationships with people who are in the process of improving their quality of living – she says that their pleasure is contagious! Her wish for people with hearing loss is that they seek help, so that they too can discover how much hearing aids can improve their lives.

Hilary enjoys hiking in her spare time.

Marlene Hay, Director of First Impressions

A Port Alberni native, Marlene has been with Beltone since 1999. It was when she previously worked for a podiatrist that she became aware of how many older people struggle with hearing loss and the communication problems it creates. Remembering the difference that hearing aids had made to her grandmother, she jumped at the opportunity to join the Beltone team.

Working with our customers gives Marlene what she calls “a really good feeling inside.” She loves seeing them leave their appointments happy, and witnessing how amazed they are at what they can hear when they get their aids.

In her spare time Marlene enjoys babysitting her granddaughter, gardening, swimming and reading.