Award-winning technology

Beltone True™ hearing aids use unique technology patterned after the ear's natural ability to smoothly adapt to changing listening environments. Advanced micro-processor circuitry lets you seamlessly adjust to your surroundings as you move through your day. From dining out with friends to watching TV, using the phone or spending time outdoors, hearing becomes easy, even in challenging situations.

Beltone True™ hearing aids come with many features that can be personalized to your lifestyle and hearing needs.

The Beltone True™ series includes some of the smallest hearing aids on the market. Lightweight and comfortable, all Beltone True™ styles come in an array of colours that blend with your hair or skin tone.

Only Beltone True™ hearing aids give you a whole new way to enjoy sound from your favourite devices – and our Beltone Direct Line Accessories let you stream clear sound from your TV, stereo, computer, and home/cell phone directly into your ears.

Beltone True™ uses two advanced features—Spatial Directionality and Speech Spotter Pro—to help you easily understand speech in noisy environments. Spatial Directionality lets you focus on the person speaking to you while still hearing sounds around you in a non-distracting way. Speech Spotter Pro automatically eliminates background noise when someone is talking to you – but when no speech is detected, Speech Spotter Pro lets sound in.

Every component of Beltone True™ is coated with HPF80 NanoBlock™, an invisible shield that locks out humidity, moisture, and dirt. This superior level of protection means that your hearing aids stay in tip-top shape, no matter how active you are.

Feedback Eraser with WhistleStop: Some hearing instruments generate unwanted noise when objects come too close. Feedback Eraser with WhistleStop makes sure your Beltone Promise™ hearing instruments won't buzz or whistle when you use the phone, put on a hat, or hug a loved one.

Using the phone with your Beltone True™ hearing aids is easy with our Auto-Phone feature. You don't have to change to a phone program or activate a switch – just pick up the phone and your hearing aids automatically adjust. If you're using a cell phone, Beltone Direct Phone Link will send the call directly into your hearing instruments. Just press a button on Direct Phone Link to answer the call, and speak hands-free! Your phone can stay put away in your pocket or handbag.

If you've ever had to cope with wind noise, you know it can be annoying and distracting. The Beltone True™ Wind Noise Reducer cuts wind noise, letting you enjoy the outdoors in any situation.