Speech recognition

Advances in audio technology have had a significant impact on both the size and function of hearing aids. Not only are hearing aids smaller and less noticeable, but they are also able to distinguish between kinds of sounds. Very early models of hearing aids amplified the sound, but in the process amplified background sounds as well. As technology has improved, hearing aids have become much more sophisticated and customizable for each individual.

Each person’s hearing loss is unique to them. There may be some frequencies of sound more difficult to hear than others, or the hearing loss may be more profound in one ear than the other. Difficulty understanding speech is a common symptom of hearing loss and an irritation that can affect day-to-day activities. Two features that have been developed by Beltone to alleviate that stress are the Speech Spotter Pro function, and Cross Link Directionality. These features recognize the sounds of speech and deem them as important sounds you’ll want to hear. Each hearing aid works independently to analyze the surrounding sound, and then communicates information with the partnering device to make adjustments. The end result is better communication as background distractions are minimized and speech is optimized.

This short animation demonstrates how these functions work together and adjust to different situations in order to make hearing possible even in noisy environments. 

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