Online hearing tests

Having your hearing tested regularly is a good idea, even if you don't think you are experiencing any hearing loss. By making a hearing test part of your annual medical check up, you can establish a base line for your normal hearing and detect any problems that may occur as time goes by. We've provided some online screening tools that can be helpful in determining whether or not you're experiencing hearing loss. 

The first is an online hearing quiz that asks some basic questions and screens for some of the most common indications of hearing loss. As hearing loss affects how we interact with other people, family members can also play an important role in determining hearing loss. There is also an online audio test that measures how well you can decipher the sounds of speech in different noise environments.  To use this test, you simply click on the pictures to match them to the words you think you heard.  The results may surprise you.

Beltone Hearing Care Centre locations on Vancouver Island offer free hearing tests with a doctor's referral. We also have an audiologist on staff. Contact the Beltone Hearing Care Centre location nearest you to book your hearing test. If you have more questions about hearing tests, please visit our FAQ's page.