Hearing Aids - daily maintenance

Hearing aids can be damaged by moisture so keeping them in a dry place is important. It’s a bad idea to place them in your shirt pocket, as it’s easy to forget they’re there and they could accidentally end up going through the laundry. At Beltone Hearing Care, we have both hard and soft shell cases available for storage that will keep them dry and offer some protection in case they are dropped. These storage cases also make it easier for you to know exactly where your hearing aids are.

Another part of daily hearing aid maintenance is removing the ear wax that can clog up your hearing aid and cause unwanted feedback sounds. Earwax is easier to remove when it is cleaned regularly, harder when it’s left over time. Our staff is happy to answer any questions you have about cleaning procedures for your hearing aid model, so just give us a call. We also have cleaning accessories that will help you remove earwax quickly and effectively.

When it comes to batteries, we recommend using zinc-air batteries for Beltone products. When you remove them from the package, be sure to let them sit for a minute before putting them into your hearing aid so that they can fully charge. At bed time, opening the battery door compartment or removing the batteries will allow any moisture to dry, prolong your battery life and prevent corrosion. You can purchase hearing aid accessories at any of our Beltone locations.