Don't miss a thing

“With Beltone you won’t miss a thing.” That’s the message of Beltone, and the intention of the company since it beganproviding hearing aids in 1940. Life has many small nuances, delivered in the subtle sounds around us.  We become aware of what’s going on around us physically and in the lives of those around us through sound, and as hearing loss progresses, sounds slowly begin to disappear.  Hearing loss changes the way we relate to the world, and the people in it.

With hearing loss, a person doesn’t get to pick and choose which sounds will disappear. It may be the natural sounds of birds, the lapping of waves, or the annoying sound of insects.  It may be the whisper of a child, the story that your grandchild wants to tell you, or the phone calls you look forward to from a loved one far away. Maybe what’s missing is taking part in the good laugh at the table, the timid lines from centre stage at the school play, or the softer tones of quiet conversation.

Whatever sounds you’re missing, the message of Beltone is an invitation to re-engage with the life and all of the sounds that go with it, even the mosquitoes at the lake. Our diagnostic tools determine exactly which sound frequencies you’re missing, and the customizable programs in Beltone hearing aids can bring those sounds back, and reduce the frustration of tinnitus and background noise.

If you or someone you care about is coping with hearing loss, hearing aids can make life better. Make an appointment for a hearing test at a Beltone Hearing Care Centre near you (we have 12 Beltone Hearing Care Centre locations on Vancouver Island and an audiologist on staff).

Hearing tests are free with a doctor’s referral and you can try out different Beltone hearing aid products in the office to see which model is right for you. At Beltone Hearing Care Centre, our goal is to improve the lives of those with hearing loss so that you don’t miss a thing.