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Tech support in your own home

Achieving optimum performance with a hearing device is an ongoing process. Your hearing specialist may make many adjustments over several months to ensure that you are getting the best possible performance from your hearing aid. If you have trouble getting to your Island Beltone office for regular appointments because of distance or mobility issues, don’t worry. We will come to you.

Yes. Home visits!

Wherever you are on Vancouver Island*, we will come to your home to fit, test, adjust and calibrate your hearing aids.

We designed this service as a convenience for our customers, but it also creates many opportunities for our hearing care specialists; visiting you in your everyday environment allows us to better understand your specific hearing needs. We can see the layout of your home, assess the acoustics, and find out more about your day-to-day activities. All of this information can be used to help achieve the best possible calibration of your hearing instruments so that you get peak performance where you spend most of your time. We can even meet you at your place of work or your favourite coffee shop if that’s where you’re having hearing challenges.

*Some exceptions apply. Unfortunately our teams cannot visit locations not accessible by paved road.