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Our latest addition isn't a musician, but an expert Audiologist and all round fantastic guy. Click on the link below to find out a bit more about Roger Lundberg.


Born and raised in Washington State, Roger comes to Island Beltone by way of Alberta, where he worked as an audiologist in hospital and clinical settings for over 30 years. He originally became fascinated by the science of hearing and aural rehabilitation while studying sign language and eventually earned a Masters of Science Degree in Audiology. 

Since every person with hearing loss has slightly different issues, it's his job to come up with a treatment strategy that fits each unique situation. It's an understatement to say that Roger enjoys the constant variety of his work and once you meet him, you'll agree he's very much a people person. When he's not at work, Roger can often be found on the golf course enjoying Victoria's balmy weather. 

Registered Hearing Instrument Practitioner

Jeff Germain was inspired to become a Hearing Professional by his parents Ron and Bobbie, the first Beltone practitioners on Vancouver Island – in fact he considers himself to have been a member of the Beltone family for his whole life. He has over 23 years experience in the field.

As a teenager Jeff and three friends formed the band Queen City Kids with whom he recorded and toured for 15 years; that’s why he knows so well how loud music can affect hearing! (see link below) After that he joined the family business, getting his certification and eventually buying his father’s offices. He now realizes that his father, Ron, was teaching him all the time, even when he wasn’t aware it was happening. As a result, Jeff is totally committed to helping his customers achieve the very best hearing possible.

When he is not at work Jeff enjoys drumming, reading and walking his two dogs.

Jeff Germain is a man with a past! Before joining his parents in the hearing care industry, he was a drummer in a rock and roll band – yes, a real band that toured, recorded albums, and even to this day has an official website.

The band – eventually called Queen City Kids – was formed by Jeff and three friends in Regina in 1968 and got its break in 1976 when they opened for Rush on a tour of Saskatchewan. Over the next few years they released two albums and toured with acts such as April Wine, Ozzy Osbourne, Streetheart, Joan Jett and Blue Oyster Cult. The band officially called it quits in 1983, but up until recently they still got together occasionally for special events. You can find out more at the Queen City Kids website.

It may seem slightly ironic that a rock drummer became a hearing specialist. It’s even more ironic that one of the reasons the band doesn’t perform anymore is that one of the other members now suffers from some serious hearing problems.

So, if you think that all that loud music you listened to in your youth may have caused some damage, you can be sure that Jeff will understand – and that he has the expertise and commitment to give you the best possible hearing available to you now.

Photos at http://www.queencitykids.com/pics.html