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Roberta Lacroix, Registered Hearing Instrument Practitioner

Roberta is a Courtenay native and has been with Beltone since 2010. She became a Hearing Instrument Practitioner because she had always wanted a job that helped people – and with both parents and a grandparent being hard of hearing, it seemed like a good fit. She is very passionate about what she does and loves being a part of her customers’ journey towards better hearing.

Roberta’s passion for her work is obvious when she talks about the consequences of hearing loss: “It’s more than just inconvenient: your mental and emotional health are at stake. Enough studies have been done now linking unchecked hearing loss and dementia. Wearing hearing aids doesn’t have to be a negative experience if you have a quality product and a supportive team behind you cheering you on and offering you the support you need when you need it.”

Roberta’s favourite pastimes are gardening, Reiki/Healing Touch, rock hunting, hiking, meditation, yoga and weightlifting.

Angela Dawn, Hearing Care Coordinator

Angela has been with us since 2015 and looks forward to many years of working with our team in Comox. Angela’s retail background led her to pursue a career working with people in a more meaningful way: “I realized that my best moments were the ones where I got to assist seniors with their shopping, and that whatever I was doing it should be working with seniors in some capacity. I’m excited to be part of a team that makes a difference in people’s lives.”

Angela’s wish is to help eradicate the stigma of wearing hearing aids. Already in her short time working in the industry, she has seen people reject the idea of hearing aids because of it. She would like everyone to understand how much of a positive impact hearing aids can make in day to day lives and that new technology means they are barely noticeable. She also aspires to help educate people about how to protect their hearing and the importance of doing so: “So much hearing loss is preventable.”

Outside of work, Angela enjoys kayaking, creating art, forest walks, biking, going to the beach, local live music, knitting and volunteering in the community.