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Beltone’s dedication to quality sound and fidelity goes right back to our earliest roots. When our founder, Sam Posen, developed his first hearing aid in the 1930s, he wasn’t motivated by money or ambition. He wasn’t even a hearing specialist. He was a sound technician – a sound expert – trying to help a friend hear better.

Sam Posen’s hearing aid worked so well that he built a company around it, but his primary focus was always the quality of sound. Through the years Beltone’s dispensers have insisted that the company keep that focus, because they know what a difference it makes to our customers: in a recent sound quality test, Beltone hearing aids were found to have the best tonal qualities of all the instruments tested.

Today, hearing aids can offer a dizzying array of features. But a hearing aid is a tiny machine, and every feature you add can potentially affect sound quality and fidelity. At Beltone, our focus on sound quality guarantees that our hearing aids offer the perfect balance of convenience and fidelity. In fact, the revolutionary Beltone First™, the first Made for iPhone™ hearing aid, is our best sounding hearing aid ever.

We encourage our customers to shop around and to become as informed as they can about hearing aids. We’re confident that we can offer you the best quality, the best features and the best service.