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The quality and workmanship of Beltone’s hearing aids and components are a direct result of the relationship that has existed for generations between our hearing specialists and our manufacturers. Our dispensers develop in-depth knowledge of how their customers use their hearing aids and what features they most want. They pass this information on to our manufacturers, who create long-lasting, great-sounding hearing aids packed with the most useful features – including the Beltone First™, our revolutionary Made for iPhone™ hearing aid.

This symbiotic partnership between dispenser and manufacturer is unique to Beltone. It helps us to create a better hearing aid and is the basis for our reputation for quality. Our BelCare™ guarantee – the best guarantee in the business – demonstrates just how much confidence we have in our products.

We encourage our customers to shop around and to become as informed as they can about hearing aids. We’re confident that we can offer you the best quality, the best features and the best service.