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No. Simply call your nearest Beltone Hearing Care Centre to book an appointment.

Our Beltone 360˚ Hearing Evaluation can take up to two hours. It can be broken into segments if required.

There is no charge and no obligation for tests for those over 18 and who suspect a hearing problem. This does not apply to hearing tests for employment qualification required by an employer.

Bringing a companion is an important aspect of your assessment, because:

  • They may have noticed aspects of your hearing loss that you aren’t fully aware of;
  • Our hearing professional may want to test how well you can hear a familiar voice; and
  • They can ensure you don’t miss any important information or instructions.

Hearing aids are generally made up of 3 key parts – the microphone, the digital processor and the receiver – as well as volume controls and a battery.

  • The microphone picks up the sound around you and converts it into electrical signals
  • The processor converts the signals into a digital format which can be enhanced in a number of ways. These enhancements are customized to your needs
  • The receiver then converts the digital signals back into sound waves, which are directed into your ear
  • Depending on the type of hearing aid, volume control is done manually or set automatically
  • The small batteries in your hearing aid will typically last several days or up to two weeks before they need recharging

Beltone offers the BelCare™ aftercare program – the most complete and extensive aftercare available.

This will depend on the type and severity of your hearing loss, and the changes in hearing you experience. However, on average hearing aids last about 5 years.

Costs vary quite widely depending on your type and severity of hearing loss and the style and model of hearing aid you choose. Prices range from $1,300 to $3,300 per device.

These costs may appear high, but it is important to remember that hearing aids are customized devices that must adhere to strict medical and technological standards. Part of the cost also includes Belcare™ our extensive aftercare plan.

Yes. Beltone Hearing Care Centre offers you the opportunity to “test drive” a hearing device in our office to see what it sounds like in a variety of listening situations. Or you can take advantage of our 90-day Same-as-Cash offer.

Yes, we offer a 90 day trial period for you to acclimatize to your hearing devices and ensure they are the best fit for you. If there is a problem, other Beltone hearing aid demonstrations can be arranged by your hearing care practitioner.